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A Coke Problem

Today, I   went to see a doctor for help with my coke problem.  She was very helpful, giving me charts, graphs and many, many words of encouragement.  She took down a lot of notes and even though we was on a time constraint, it  did not stop me from spilling my guts.   I have a coke problem and I need help. With all my aches and pains, failures and accomplishments, I never thought I would be in this situation.  While I have made great strides in my life, I find myself in some what unfamiliar territory.  I have been in the past, so focused and determined.  When I need these qualities now, they have failed to appear.  I cannot let my life go on this way.  I have to make a stand and climb this mountain to top Nothing will stand in my way to glory.

This is very serious stuff.  Now I am in no way promoting that coke is evil.  For me it is one of the most delicious drinks out there.  Sweet, refreshing and oh so delectable. But I want to lose this weight and my doctor says I need to give up my all time favorite drink(plus a few other things like cake, doughnuts and pie, to name a few).  Coke,  is institution, a community, a way of life.  It brings a smile to my face and song to my heart.  Plus, I have always been partial to red.

For now, coke and I must part ways.  To improve my overall health and well being I must abstain and follow the same steps all  coke enjoyers(yes, that is a legitimate word)) and slowly back away.  Excuse me, my eyes are getting moist.  Farewell coke,  until we meet again.  I bet some of you thought I was talking about a white powdery substance.  That is my next post.  The dreaded doughnut.



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A weeks worth

I started my exercise program. It has been a full week(Saturday and Sundays are my off days for now).  I even joined a Zumba class(I thought I was going to die)  The class is 3 days a week.  I plan to attend  at least one day and work my way to two days.  Remember I am a former couch potato.  I have to gradually get into this.  My sore muscles told me this.  Plus I want to incorporate other training for a full workout.  I really would prefer a dance class, but none exist.


My day starts at 6:30, make coffee, put on my exercise clothes and fix breakfast for my husband.  I arrive at the mall( I like mall walking since they have steps and there are other walkers around) The mall is open for 7:00 am.  I can usually get around three times by 7:30.  I have a pedometer on my phone.  The app is synced to my Walgreen Balance Rewards Program.  I get point for healthy living @.MapMyFitness.  I love this app.  I log my workouts, enter what foods I have eaten, create routes, set goals and challenges.  I also has options to find work out gear, events such as walks or runs.  I still have not explored everything this app has to offer.  Here is a picture of the first day of my walking stint.  I hate taking pictures, I need to put it all out there.



Not my best look, but  it will get better.  Gotta start somewhere.



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I am not 100%, mind, body and soul.  I am overweight and my health is suffering for it.   I stay tire and frustrated.  I just don’t feel leveled.  Time to take back my life.  I will join this Zumba class to lose weight and get my energy up.   I have started taking vitamins to help improve my health overall.   Wish me luck.

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In keeping with my previous post, I have made some changes.  Lets start with my body and health.    I have started a weight loss/exercise program.   My dear husband has decided to take up the banner with me.   Together we will be walking and exercising together.   We also discussed cooking more scratch and less process foods.    Good talk, good walks.   Gotta love a man who want to get his act together too.  Bravo husband.     I have been purchasing vitamins and coordinating with my doctors on more preventative health issues.    Because most of my work is sitting down, whenever I am working on a project, I started wearing ankle/arm weights.  Taking breaks throughout the process, doing leg and arm lifts,  keeps me from getting stiff and tired.   I call it the sneaky way to exercise.  Whatever works. 

One of my most potent weapons is my faith and spiritual guidance.  I rise early to read my bible and spend time with the word of God.    This keeps me grounded, less stress and more centered. 

Next on the agenda, the outside looking in.

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