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Restarted my walking this past week.    It’s funny how something  ingrained into your routine,in such a short time.    I finally weighed myself and I lost 3 lbs.  I feel so much lighter.  I could float on …….. OK, I’ll float later.   I am  proud of that. Before I wasn’t doing anything.   My doctor states that it’s best to lose slowly, build muscle, tighten the skin.   As time goes on, I will lose more as my body adjust to my new way of eating.    My skin/hair/nails are going through a transformation as well.    Let me introduce you to my first line of defense.   You can look up the advantages of the vitamins I use.  I only copied the information that aids in overall health and weight loss for me.   Gotta go.   The Strain is on.


Beyond these essential functions, Vitamin B12 benefits can be obtained through other substances. These include help with weight loss, by improving the body’s metabolism; helping with the creation and circulation of certain neurotransmitters that affect a person’s mood and stress levels; and serving as an effective natural energy booster by improving the body’s metabolizing of energy sources and improving blood circulation and production. Answers.yahoo.com



Vitamin C is required for the production of the protein collagen, which is found in the tendons, skin, bones, cartilage, ligaments and blood vessels. Collagen and vitamin C are necessary to support the body tissues, heal wounds and help maintain blood vessel structure. Vitamin C also functions as a cofactor assisting biochemical reactions, as an antioxidant preventing the degradation of substances in the body, and as a detoxifier reducing the toxicity of medications and chemicals. http://www.ehow.com/


The main function of vitamin D is to help the body absorb calcium and phosphorus in the small intestine. Calcium is needed to support bone mineralization (hardening of bones), cell functions, and proper nerve and muscle function.http://altmedicine.about.com/



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Week 3 – Oh boy

Week 3 should be titled the good, bad and the ugly.  Let’s start with the ugly.   I messed up and had a cheeseburger from Burger King plus and Icee.  I was trying to be so good.   I feel so ashamed, so low, the tragedy of it all(Hell, it did taste good).   Well, I fell off the wagon, bumped my head , but I am OK(holding an ice bag to her head).   Now for the bad.  I missed a day of walking.    I just did not feel like going.   Simple.  I did start back the next day.  Back on the horse.    Now for the good.   Drum roll please.

Here is my daily routine.

Start with the day at 6:00.   Put the coffee on and plug-in my phone.  Dress in my one killer workout clothes, check the weather and take my vitamins for the day.  It is best for me to take them with food.   I will usually have some oatmeal or toast with fruit for breakfast.   I am out the door around 6:50.   Arriving at the mall around 7:05, I turn my pedometer on my phone and start my walking for the day.


With a smile on face, I can say I am doing a little over a mile now.  I can’t speak for my legs, since they are a little upset with me.   They feel like they are doing all the work.   I promised them I will involve the rest of my body to help with the load.  Starting Monday, I will be using arm weights.  They are only 2 lbs each, but this will help me  tighten my arms and extend my workout.  I showed them to my legs.   They seem to like the idea.   At least we back on speaking terms.  They are so stubborn.



I have elected to weigh myself at least once a month.  If the  numbers don’t add up, it can swing either way.  Putting added pressure on yourself, sets you up for failure.   My goal is to become the best I can be.   Losing the weight is a bonus.  Striving for a healthier lifestyle is my main focus.








Now, I have invested in a blender to make smoothies.   I have been doing my research and found that I can add vegetables and fruit to get a great tasting smoothies(my paycheck has to catch up for the purchase of a juicer).  I have not used it yet, but I am very excited.  I am hoping to use the smoothies to replace one meal, probably lunch.    I will try for twice a week and work my way to  5 days a week.   If any one is making their own, please send me your favorite recipes.   I would love to try some.


Oh, I forgot.   I purchased some flax-seed powder to add to my baking, food and smoothies.   Ah, health, I can taste it now.   Go big or stay at home.

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I am not 100%, mind, body and soul.  I am overweight and my health is suffering for it.   I stay tire and frustrated.  I just don’t feel leveled.  Time to take back my life.  I will join this Zumba class to lose weight and get my energy up.   I have started taking vitamins to help improve my health overall.   Wish me luck.

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In keeping with my previous post, I have made some changes.  Lets start with my body and health.    I have started a weight loss/exercise program.   My dear husband has decided to take up the banner with me.   Together we will be walking and exercising together.   We also discussed cooking more scratch and less process foods.    Good talk, good walks.   Gotta love a man who want to get his act together too.  Bravo husband.     I have been purchasing vitamins and coordinating with my doctors on more preventative health issues.    Because most of my work is sitting down, whenever I am working on a project, I started wearing ankle/arm weights.  Taking breaks throughout the process, doing leg and arm lifts,  keeps me from getting stiff and tired.   I call it the sneaky way to exercise.  Whatever works. 

One of my most potent weapons is my faith and spiritual guidance.  I rise early to read my bible and spend time with the word of God.    This keeps me grounded, less stress and more centered. 

Next on the agenda, the outside looking in.

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