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I am not 100%, mind, body and soul.  I am overweight and my health is suffering for it.   I stay tire and frustrated.  I just don’t feel leveled.  Time to take back my life.  I will join this Zumba class to lose weight and get my energy up.   I have started taking vitamins to help improve my health overall.   Wish me luck.


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Today I feel like…………………

Hopeful and some what at peace.   I was listening to some music(always my favorite form of entertainment) and feeling  a bit lonely and happy.  I miss my home town and my family.  I miss being able to go out, play cards, enjoy all that Chicago has to offer.   I just miss stepping’ to some R. Kelly and OJays.   Music is my go to whenever I am feeling hopeful and out of joint.    Memories start to flood my mind and I am in a trance.  Even the bad memories are altered to sounds of some Teddy or Prince.   The song take to place where I can clear my head and sort out the ills and deals in my life.     I play old school and some new.   I mix it up from Anita Baker to Parliament, Atomic Dog.     Usher and Justin are my backups when I can find any record that will soothe the rage in me.   I like some of the new, but my heart belongs to the past.    When you sounded just like your record, on stage.  Harmony and singing were the name of the game.   That just how I roll.

Luther, Teddy, Isley Brothers, The fabulous OJays ( ah Eddie), Al Green – I listen to these men when I want to get close.  I want to touch and be touched.  I want to close my eyes and be swept away on a golden cloud.

Anita, Whitney, Aretha, Gladys – Girl power to the highest.  This empowers and encourages me to stand tall  and show them what sister hood is all about.  These ladies talked the best game in town and knew how to back it up.

Parliament, Bootsy, Slave, Lakeside – I listen to this group when I want to stomp.  I mean stomp hard.  Stomp al night long.   Sleep a few hours and stomp again the next night.  Remember I am not just knee-deep

Temptations, Four Tops, The Dells, Spinners  – Lighthearted and carefree.   Not thinking about anything, just enjoying the day.  A lazy afternoon.   Not enough of those days.

I used to fall asleep listening to music.  I miss that.    Music could pull me out of a funk and make me smile the whole day.   It can make me weep with joy and sorrow.    It is the one communication no one has to explain.    Music can raise a nation and tear down the wall of hate.   It has a message for everyone who has an ear to listen.  While my taste runs to the era of the  70’s, 80’s and 90’s music, there is something for everyone and for every walk of life.   Oh, let me turn the radio up, that’s my jam.

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