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Week 3 – Oh boy

Week 3 should be titled the good, bad and the ugly.  Let’s start with the ugly.   I messed up and had a cheeseburger from Burger King plus and Icee.  I was trying to be so good.   I feel so ashamed, so low, the tragedy of it all(Hell, it did taste good).   Well, I fell off the wagon, bumped my head , but I am OK(holding an ice bag to her head).   Now for the bad.  I missed a day of walking.    I just did not feel like going.   Simple.  I did start back the next day.  Back on the horse.    Now for the good.   Drum roll please.

Here is my daily routine.

Start with the day at 6:00.   Put the coffee on and plug-in my phone.  Dress in my one killer workout clothes, check the weather and take my vitamins for the day.  It is best for me to take them with food.   I will usually have some oatmeal or toast with fruit for breakfast.   I am out the door around 6:50.   Arriving at the mall around 7:05, I turn my pedometer on my phone and start my walking for the day.


With a smile on face, I can say I am doing a little over a mile now.  I can’t speak for my legs, since they are a little upset with me.   They feel like they are doing all the work.   I promised them I will involve the rest of my body to help with the load.  Starting Monday, I will be using arm weights.  They are only 2 lbs each, but this will help me  tighten my arms and extend my workout.  I showed them to my legs.   They seem to like the idea.   At least we back on speaking terms.  They are so stubborn.



I have elected to weigh myself at least once a month.  If the  numbers don’t add up, it can swing either way.  Putting added pressure on yourself, sets you up for failure.   My goal is to become the best I can be.   Losing the weight is a bonus.  Striving for a healthier lifestyle is my main focus.








Now, I have invested in a blender to make smoothies.   I have been doing my research and found that I can add vegetables and fruit to get a great tasting smoothies(my paycheck has to catch up for the purchase of a juicer).  I have not used it yet, but I am very excited.  I am hoping to use the smoothies to replace one meal, probably lunch.    I will try for twice a week and work my way to  5 days a week.   If any one is making their own, please send me your favorite recipes.   I would love to try some.


Oh, I forgot.   I purchased some flax-seed powder to add to my baking, food and smoothies.   Ah, health, I can taste it now.   Go big or stay at home.


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