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A weeks worth

I started my exercise program. It has been a full week(Saturday and Sundays are my off days for now).  I even joined a Zumba class(I thought I was going to die)  The class is 3 days a week.  I plan to attend  at least one day and work my way to two days.  Remember I am a former couch potato.  I have to gradually get into this.  My sore muscles told me this.  Plus I want to incorporate other training for a full workout.  I really would prefer a dance class, but none exist.


My day starts at 6:30, make coffee, put on my exercise clothes and fix breakfast for my husband.  I arrive at the mall( I like mall walking since they have steps and there are other walkers around) The mall is open for 7:00 am.  I can usually get around three times by 7:30.  I have a pedometer on my phone.  The app is synced to my Walgreen Balance Rewards Program.  I get point for healthy living @.MapMyFitness.  I love this app.  I log my workouts, enter what foods I have eaten, create routes, set goals and challenges.  I also has options to find work out gear, events such as walks or runs.  I still have not explored everything this app has to offer.  Here is a picture of the first day of my walking stint.  I hate taking pictures, I need to put it all out there.



Not my best look, but  it will get better.  Gotta start somewhere.




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