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Time for

I have fallen off the wagon.   I have not been walking in over a month.  I will not get into the who and why, but I intend to straighten this mess out.  I call it a mess, because I was on a roll and I let other things and people get in my way, and fill my head with nonsense.  It is hard doing something without support.  I always thought I was the type of person who really didn’t need another person’s support of whatever I was trying to accomplish.  That is a very lonely place to be.    But If I am going to get a healthy lifestyle, I need more from the people around and much more from myself.    Plus I have some health issues I need to take care.   They also have slowed me down.  I will be back on the road again after this week.  Up, up and away.


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Fallen, but not out.

I have fallen, rolled down the street, off the cliff, 1000 feet to the water below, swept away with the tide, landed on a desert island surround by man-eating lions.  In reality I have not been exercising every day or watching what I have been eating as I should have, due to that thing(I think they call it Thanksgiving or as I call it “should I have one more slice of pie?”,  I just need to get back on track, before the next eating fest called Christmas or as I call it, “Maybe  I will start back in January“.

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Simple Things

I have food in my house.


My electric is on (for this month, at least).


I feel the heat from the vents.


I snuggle down under the blankets and fall asleep.


I shower with the water raining down on me.


All these things make me feel so blessed, because it could be worse.


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Thank God for Mama

I remember my mother telling me how she felt like she had no windows or doors.    No way to climb out of the situation that she was in.   Through out it all, she still had God to depend on to get her through the day.  Her faith is even stronger today, than it was back then. As a single parent, I can relate.  My mother grew up hard and had a hard life.  Trying to take care of three children on her own.   She was also very sickly.   She took care of us the best way she knew how.   I never lacked love from my mother.     We(my sister and brother) lived in a two bedroom apartment, and I slept with my mother until I was about 12.  I had hand me downs galore.   Until now I never knew how happy I was in that tiny apartment.   My mother had the only tv and on special nights we would pile up in her bed and watch roller derby, Family Classic and Jubilee Showcase.  She loved watching wrestling and her soap operas.  She would rise about 5 every morning and sit at the kitchen table, looking out the window, reading her bible or one of her romance novels.   Dinner would be done by 9 am.   All we had to do was heat and serve.  I use to wonder what she thought about looking out that window.   She told me  she thought about ways to take care of her family.    She knew how to wring every drop from a dollar bill.   She also taught me about life, myself and trusting in God.   

One of her best lessons was in her cooking.    My mother prided herself on her how good a cook she was.   She learned from the best.  My grandfather.  He taught her and she taught us.  She was well taught.   But because she had three children to feed, my mother had to make the most of what she was given and give the most of what she was making.   Here is how she was able to feed 3 three children who ate like 10.

Lets start with my favorite food day

Sunday menu:Neckbones in gravy with potatoes, fresh cooked mashed sweet potatoes, cornbread, greens(mustard, turnip, collard), potato salad.   The best meal.  Sometimes we would have ham or maybe chicken.  I am smacking my lips just thinking about it.

Mondays menu: Remember the ham from Sunday’s dinner.    That meat and bone would be used the season the Red Beans and Rice for dinner.  Leftover cornbread accompanied the meal.   We had Red Beans and Rice every Monday, with or without the ham bone.   I forgot to mention, Red Beans and Rice is a  staple of New Orleans, LA.  My mother was born in Baton Rouge as were my grandparents.   Enough said.

Tuesday’s menu: Always meat loaf.  If there was any cornbread leftover, was held to Wednesday. 

Wednesday’s menu: Chili.   Made from the leftover Red Beans and leftover meatloaf.   I told she knew how to stretch a dollar.

Thursday’s menu: Chili, if there was some left over.   For special occasions we would have pot roast(I don’t think I have seen a pot roast in a very long time).  We didn’t eat the pot roast.  It was used to make hash.  Cole slaw rounded out the meal.

Friday’s menu:Always fish(cat or buffalo), spaghetti and left over cole slaw.

Saturday’s menu: Hamburgers and french fries, always home-made.  We sometimes had hamburger buns. 

Of course there was variations on meals, but this was it  while growing up.  It brings back memories, smells and devotion.   I wishes I had pictures of these fantastic meals.   My cooking  veers in other direction these days, but I long for the good old days.  Thank God for my mama.  Where would I be today.

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Home Cooking

I am a very fortunate woman.  I love to eat, but I hate to cook.   Iam blessed to have two of the best cooks in the world, in my life.  My son and my husband.  Though my son cooking talents came out late, it does not take away from his skills.   He has a notebook of recipes that he has tried and will try.   I do not foresee a future in cooking or chefing(I just made a new word), but he makes a mean casserole.  His true passion is art.  I will displaying those talents at another time.  Time to talk about food.

The talents of my husband is not to be outdone.  I thought I was only getting a cute bald man, who looked good in his jeans.  Little did I know, my stomach and my ever-expanding waistline were in for a rare treat.  I will post  his credentials and picture later (I don’t want women to get jealous).

I learned of my husband’s cooking career over several dates, meeting and get together.  A man who likes to cook,  I was in heaven, and so was my children.  One of his first dishes was a rolled stuffed pork loin.  It caused quite a stir.   The stir was I did not get a piece.  My son happened to hide the remaining roll and ate it by himself.   Let’s just say, he is not left alone with food anymore.

Throughout all the meals that he had cooked, what has really impressed me was several things.  His ability to from freezer to table in under one hour.  He can make a meal out of air, thoughts and dreams.  It amazes me that he can take a few ingredients and some meat and your plate looks like it has a mountain of food on it.  He has fed over 10 people in one sitting, with one pot,  and everyone is satisfied.

He has never burnt a meal.   The plate’s are decorated as well, colorful, delicious and perfection. He even fixes my mistakes(I do cook on occasion, ok let’s be truthful, I cook about 4 times a year).

He is truly a culinary artist.  His calling card is a delicious and satisfy meal.  He wears a proud grin when he sees his family finish their food.  Excuse me now, he is heading toward the kitchen.  I gotta go.

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Matthew’s Place

I am visiting my son, back to my roots.  I am so happy to say we have been eating out a lot.  My son is a good cook.   So today he decided to make one of his favorite dishes, Chicken Mushroom Ravioli.  It only him about 1/2 to make.  Simple and delicious.  Two chicken, cream of mushroom soup and stuffed mozzarella cheese ravioli.    He made enough to last for the next day.   The meal cost under $10.00.

1. Cook dice boneless chicken

2. Add 3 cans of cream of mushroom soup to the cooked chicken. 

3. Boil water for ravioli.  Add ravioli to boiling water

4. Cook ravioli until tender(5 minutes)

5.  Add cooked ravioli to chicken and soup.

6. Dinner is served.

Feeds 4 people.   You can also add a garden salad and bread sticks.   A meal fit for a king and his queen mother.   Tasty.

Check out my other blog ILOVETOCREATE for other adventures back home in Chi-Town.

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I finally made,  back home to Chi-town.  As I near the my sweet home, my heart filled with joy and wonderful.    My beloved city looked the same and different at the same time. My husband, one son-in law, his brother and a granddaughter escorted me to my destination, my son’s home.   All I could do is comment on something to eat.    Besides my family, the activity, I miss the food the most.   I was not disappointed.  We stopped to get a polish.   Ah, the memories started flooding back.  For those who do not know, the Maxwell Street Polish is a Chicago staple.  The place is open 24/7.    The smell will drive you wild.   On our way, I passed the Corner bakery, Garrett’s popcorn,  Giordano pizza, I am getting hungry just thinking about it .  I might have to roll myself back home.   Well I have to go.  I have some work to do.   I will posting about my mini vacation in the very near future.  See you soon.

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