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A Coke Problem

Today, I   went to see a doctor for help with my coke problem.  She was very helpful, giving me charts, graphs and many, many words of encouragement.  She took down a lot of notes and even though we was on a time constraint, it  did not stop me from spilling my guts.   I have a coke problem and I need help. With all my aches and pains, failures and accomplishments, I never thought I would be in this situation.  While I have made great strides in my life, I find myself in some what unfamiliar territory.  I have been in the past, so focused and determined.  When I need these qualities now, they have failed to appear.  I cannot let my life go on this way.  I have to make a stand and climb this mountain to top Nothing will stand in my way to glory.

This is very serious stuff.  Now I am in no way promoting that coke is evil.  For me it is one of the most delicious drinks out there.  Sweet, refreshing and oh so delectable. But I want to lose this weight and my doctor says I need to give up my all time favorite drink(plus a few other things like cake, doughnuts and pie, to name a few).  Coke,  is institution, a community, a way of life.  It brings a smile to my face and song to my heart.  Plus, I have always been partial to red.

For now, coke and I must part ways.  To improve my overall health and well being I must abstain and follow the same steps all  coke enjoyers(yes, that is a legitimate word)) and slowly back away.  Excuse me, my eyes are getting moist.  Farewell coke,  until we meet again.  I bet some of you thought I was talking about a white powdery substance.  That is my next post.  The dreaded doughnut.



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3 whole pounds

I went to the doctor last week because I was having problems with my left heel.  The pain was awful.  Apparently I have inflammation and I need to find another form of exercise.   I have lost a total of 3 whole pounds.  While some might say that is nothing, for me, it is the motivation to keep me going.   I just need to step up my game.  Here are some of the things she suggested.

1.  Try water aerobics.   Less stress on my feet and more resistance.  2.  Keep a food log(I am starting this one on Monday).  3. Riding a bike.  While it gives the same effect as walking, but, again less stress on my feet.

I am checking into the local gym around my area to see what type of deals that they offer.    Money and pain are my enemy now.    Money to join a gym and keep my heel from being irritated.  Until I find both, I will keep on walking.

Oh by the way, I made my first smoothie yesterday and it was delicious.  Check out my recipe.

I  wanted to find a way to use leftover coffee.  Then it hit me.   I freeze the leftover coffee in ice-cube trays. I can make ice coffee( my way) or this smoothie.  I used what I had on hand

I added the coffee ice cubes (6), lite vanilla ice cream (1/2 cup), one package of hot chocolate, banana  ( whole), flax-seed powder (1 tablespoon) with a little water. I also added 1 tablespoon of honey and a few drops of butter pecan oil .   You can add cinnamon or nutmeg, with a dash of vanilla extract to your desired taste.   I am sorry I don’t have a pic.  Next time I make one, I will ready with the camera.    I need some more recipes.

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Restarted my walking this past week.    It’s funny how something  ingrained into your routine,in such a short time.    I finally weighed myself and I lost 3 lbs.  I feel so much lighter.  I could float on …….. OK, I’ll float later.   I am  proud of that. Before I wasn’t doing anything.   My doctor states that it’s best to lose slowly, build muscle, tighten the skin.   As time goes on, I will lose more as my body adjust to my new way of eating.    My skin/hair/nails are going through a transformation as well.    Let me introduce you to my first line of defense.   You can look up the advantages of the vitamins I use.  I only copied the information that aids in overall health and weight loss for me.   Gotta go.   The Strain is on.


Beyond these essential functions, Vitamin B12 benefits can be obtained through other substances. These include help with weight loss, by improving the body’s metabolism; helping with the creation and circulation of certain neurotransmitters that affect a person’s mood and stress levels; and serving as an effective natural energy booster by improving the body’s metabolizing of energy sources and improving blood circulation and production. Answers.yahoo.com



Vitamin C is required for the production of the protein collagen, which is found in the tendons, skin, bones, cartilage, ligaments and blood vessels. Collagen and vitamin C are necessary to support the body tissues, heal wounds and help maintain blood vessel structure. Vitamin C also functions as a cofactor assisting biochemical reactions, as an antioxidant preventing the degradation of substances in the body, and as a detoxifier reducing the toxicity of medications and chemicals. http://www.ehow.com/


The main function of vitamin D is to help the body absorb calcium and phosphorus in the small intestine. Calcium is needed to support bone mineralization (hardening of bones), cell functions, and proper nerve and muscle function.http://altmedicine.about.com/


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