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Week 2



Like my outfit.   Yes, I know.  Looking good.      Well it has been an interesting week.   I met with one of my fellow walkers.  Her name is Nicole.  Sweet lady.  Walking for health reasons.  We walked together until she had to go.  I sensed she wanted to talk.  I slowed down and we had a lovely conversation.    I was also attacked, I mean approached by another walker.   Apparently the group of mall walkers have been walking for more than 20 years together and their practice is to walk with anyone that they see walking alone.  While I appreciate the gesture, I am on a time crunch.  The mall does not open until 7:00 am, we only have one car and my husband goes to therapy in the am.  I have about 30 minutes to complete a mile and get the car back.   Since I have been walking, I have seen groups, singles and couples.   The singles usually walk by themselves.  Not one person has approached them.   They are walking just like me.  I would like to say I was singled out because of my snazzy outfits or my  stunning good looks.  Maybe the fact that  at 54, I am 20 years younger than all of the other walkers.   Maybe it is because I have beautiful caramel colored skin.  I speak to everyone that I pass, even the ones who don’t speak back.


This incident happened on a Thursday.   The door I usually go in, was locked.   The reason I know this is because two of the regulars informed as they were walking out.  The suggested I seek another entrance, since they saw other walkers already inside( Does this sound like an episode of  The Walking Dead.  The Dead watchers know what I mean).  I thanked them and we all started our daily walk once inside.   Nicole only walks Mon – Thurs.   My other partner did not show.  We shall see on Monday.  We shall see.


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