Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.   My grandfather and mother sang and played the piano.    My mother also directed several church choirs.  My sister sings, and has recorded songs on an album.  She had also performed in several concerts. 

My music history is not as impressive as my family, but I was part of a singing group in college.  Me and 3 other women.   We won several talent shows and got some bookings at local events and some night clubs.    A local band wanted to hook up with us.   It all fell apart.  One member saw our group more as a hobby, than a career, and  things went down hill from there.   I miss singing with that group.  I think we had a shot.   Now I just sing around the house.

I would rather listen to music than anything else.  It feeds my soul.   Brings me peace in a world gone mad.  I named my blog after one of my favorite songs.  I am old school to my heart.    I will be discussing music, dance and how it affects my life and the life around me.  Will be and always, love music.   Keep on trucking, baby.


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