This is who I am.  Rough around the edges, soft in middle, easy to hurt, hard to forgive.  I believe in higher power, My God.  I speak to him often.   No one seems to understand who I am.  They always want to change my mind, clothes and ideas.   They can never accept me as I am, but want the same consideration in return.  I have a quick wit and a very sharp tongue.  I also possess warmth, humility, generosity, kindness, spirituality, goodness, funny, creative, magical  and more love than you can hold; and still I am misunderstood.   I am a fighter, determine and relentless.  I can be a lethal enemy or a loyal trustworthy friend.   All I want out life is a success, love, peace  see my family happy and hopefully make the world smile.  

I am writing this blog as a tribute to my silent world.  I need someone to listen to my voice.  Someone to comment on my messages.  Someone just to care.  I feel like I have been listening all my life.   I now need someone to hear.  After all, I am Not Just Knee Deep


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  1. Gràcies per seguir el meu blog.

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