I wish I had chosen a more appropriate title for this post.  Happiness would sound better, but it would mask how I feel.  I wish I could say I was happy, but I think happiness is a state of mind the comes and goes with every breath we breathe.  It doesn’t last long and it is different for everybody and everyone.  Contentment is better.  It evokes memories of comfort and stability.  I can always go back to that feeling when the day is rough and long.  I am most  content at 3:00 pm on a Sunday afternoon.   A peace washes over me like a blanket.  It evokes memories of my childhood.  My mother would have cooked  Sunday dinner early and this was the time my whole family would gather around the TV to watch Family Classics.

Family Classics was hosted by Frazier Thomas and he would be your guide to an array of movie classics, such as Robin Hood, Mysterious Island, Robertson Crouse, Mutiny on the Bounty.  This was a Chicago treat.  I thought the music was so beautiful. At the time we lived in a two bedroom apartment with one TV.   We would gather  in my mother’s room watch.  To this day around that time, I feel a peace wash over me on Sunday afternoons.  I am so content and restful.  This feeling on comes about on that day and around that time. Now it is not every Sunday, but is happens quite often.  I am so glad I can use that feeling to gather my thoughts and push forward through whatever I have going on.   Thank God.



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