Thank you

I was at Dollar General to pick up a few things.  Standing in line waiting for the person in front of me to finish his purchase.  The cashier was taking the young man’s change and some fell on the floor.  One coin rolled under a cart.  I informed this person that one your his coins had fallen under this cart.  He stated that was all he had and he couldn’t purchase his bottled water.  Just move the cart and get your dime.  He seem reluctant to that, so I said I would give him the dime.   Silence.  Nothing.  I repeated myself and asked him did he want the dime for his water.  Silence again.   The cashier spoke up and said yes(I can only assume they were friends since she could speak for him), he will take the dime.  He finally spoke and said, if you want to.

Now I had two choices here.  I could have said some very rude things(my vocabulary is quite extensive) or pay the dime and let go, let love flow.  I opted for the 2nd one, with the first one still dancing on my tongue.   I gave the cashier a quarter and she gave me the change.  With a bright smile, she said thank you.   The young man just stood there, confirmed a lunch date with her and left.  She said thank you again, I guess as a way to cover his being a a…..h…..    As they say in the matrix, I should have chosen the other pill.


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