One evening I was talking with my daughter and we were discussing life, liberty and the pursuit of a good hamburger.  I was trying to explain my views on life.   I expressed to her that she needed to spend time alone with herself and learn the true art of being alone.   Now, I don’t know if being alone  is an art form, but I felt that is what  she needed.    My daughter is a true internet junkie.   Not to say that is a bad thing, but some of posting made me fill troubled.   I have always been quiet and a loner.   I relish my solitude, more so as I have gotten older.   I keep things close to my chest, as they say.  As we continued our conversation, a thought ran into my head and out of mouth.   It made sense, her need and everyone else s, to express themselves on Facebook and other social media avenues.

Now you may not agree with my theory(that is all it is), in that case, come aboard.  For those who disagree, good, I like a challenge.    Plus I am sure this topic has been discussed already, but here goes.

OK, here we go, the big revel, right after this commercial break, lololo.    Here we go.   We are all in some ways disconnected.  Myself included.   I believe blogging started as a way to connect.   It fills a void that we are lacking in our everyday life.    When I post something, anything, I expect to get a response back.   Some good, some bad, but a response nevertheless.  Somehow, the people around us have stopped listening and paying attention.  We are screaming, talking, yelling,  shouting with no sound.   Here on the internet, I can get acceptance, favor, appreciation, gratitude.   It validates that someone is listening to me.  But more important, they are responding.

There are those who use the internet and social media to get the word out or a business looking to gain new  customer, but to feed the need, you have to be on.  Everyday, every way.   I recognized the need in me.   Where my everyday is disconnected, I can click, you got mail.  Follow me, like me, post a comment, tweet, invite a friend, pin me.    I spend more time on pinning pics, than I do some of the activities that I pin.  I need to start reconnecting again.   Make sure my voice is heard.

If you feel a disconnect in your life, drop me a line and let me know if you like me,need to reconnect with life.   Remember I need you to respond.

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