Why must we make……..

Every article I have been reading lately discusses making resolutions.  Making them stick.  Keeping your resolutions during the first month.   We all do it.  I am going to make a change, start or end something, generally change my life.   How do you go about changing your life?   How long will it take.   If I don’t make the changes, then am I considered a failure?  Who even started this resolution idea.   It is so funny, we spend this great amount of time making and trying to keep these resolutions, that by the end of the month, our big life change had dribbled down to drip.   

In my earlier post, I have talked about making changes to my life.  New beginnings, New year.   I believe in making goals, not resolutions.   Resolutions sound so final.   Goals sound infinite, ever-changing, ever-growing.  You reach one and move on to the next.    It is just like a statement saying,” I am going on a diet”, then becoming very hungary.   Or maybe that only happens to me.  Oh well,  I did not make any resolutions.   Just couldn’t.  Nope, not me.

I applaud those who make resolutions and keep them.  For me, one of my goals is ………………………..  I will let you know.



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