Breaking Dawn Part II

As promised, I would report on seeing the last installment of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part II.    I must admit, that during the uproar when Twilight came out, I was not a part of the phenomenon.   That was a mistake.    I did not see my first movie until it came out on dvd.  The movie took me over.   I love the movie, the music, the actors, lighting, everything.   I can watch Twilight over and over again.    The movie prompted me to get the books.  I read straight thru to Breaking Dawn.    Of the 4 movies(before seeing BDII), I considered, Twilight to be the best of the 4.   I now have to revise my decision.   BDII did the saga justice and more.   I was truly amazed how they close to book and answered some other questions from the previous movies.   Kristin Stewart looked good.  She should wear black more often.   Not only was I amazed, but the audience was totally in rapture.   There was laughter, tears, screams and at the end, disbelief.   Due to a scheduling conflicts, I was able to see the movie twice.   Lucky me.    Both audiences stood up and clapped at the end.  I think I heard cheers.   I can’t go into details about the movie(some people have not seen the movie yet), but I am sure there will discussions from here to doomsday.   I hope this is not the end of the love story between Bella and Edward.   This story needs to continue for at least three more movies.  Maybe then, I will have had my fill.  Maybe a pre sequel.   Edward, the fifty years.   Or Jacob and a  young pup.   Bella, pale and uptight.   These are possible titles. 

 Whatever happens, this saga will go down as one of the best love stories of all times.   I happen believe it too.  Live on Bella and Edward.  Live on in the movies.

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