Hey there, Hie there loyal followers.  Once again I have been talking about change in my life.   This change will extend to my online life as well.  I don’t know if I mention, but I have a wide variety of interest(at least to me they are wide) and I have different blogs for my different interest.  The first blog I am willing to deal with is this one.    This is more my personal blog.  I plan to change the pic, and add a few more pages.   Each change I make I will blog about here first and link it back to the original blog.   Then you can get to know more about me and hopefully I can get to know more about you.  

As I said, my first change will be the picture.  I like the picture of the books, but It doesn’t really reflect the true me.    I plan to add new pages to express my interest and maybe spruce up the place.   Give it a new fresh coat of paint.   So her goes.       And we are off.

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