What you see is………………

Why is so easy to fall in love , but oh so hard to fall out.    What does love really mean.   I remember reading this article in a magazine about men and their feelings about love and marriage.   One women stated that she did not know if her husband truly loved her.  They have been married for some time.   One day, she got up the nerve to ask him.  His statement was, I will let you know when that day comes, Ok.  Quick, simple and to the point.  They are still married and going strong.    One women bemoaned the fact that her husband did not bring her flowers or candy, or sweep her off her feet with flowery language.  He pointed out that he fills the tank up every Sunday, check the tires, makes sure that the car is safe for her to drive.  He packs her lunch with things he knows she likes and makes sure her briefcase and keys are waiting for her so that she does not have to search in the morning.   He stated if that isn’t love, then what is?   I remember a friend of mine was crying about her man and how he did not love her.   It was Valentines Day.   Most of the women was getting flowers in the office(I am most suspicious of flowers being sent on the job, I did not get flowers either).    She was quite upset.    Because her man did not send her flowers for all the world to see.  She felt he didn’t love her.   He never buys me flowers or candy or jewelry without me asking.  I asked her if he didn’t to those things, then what did he do?     He puts a blanket in dryer for her; so that she can keep warm on chilly morning.  I pointed out that is what the heat is for.  She said he likes to do it. What a bastard!   When she comes home, he greets her at the door and takes her coat.  That pig!   He does all the cooking, washes clothes, and cleans the house.  How low can he go!    I pointed out that he did love her, in the way he knew how by taking care of her.    Getting some flowers on Valentines day at the office is just for show.  Maybe these women sent the flowers to themselves.  Who knows.   Stop looking at what you think you don’t have and concentrate on the things you do.   I can’t kiss, flowers.   Flowers do not keep me warm at night or change the oil and shovel the walk/cut the grass.   That is what a man does in his life for the women he loves.     Sometimes as women, we want so much, that we miss what we already have.   Now if you have a dog, kick him to curb.   If you have a good decent man, hold on.   There are about 100 women willing to take your place.   Some of those women you may already know.  Some my have just received a vase full of flowers.

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