In keeping with my previous post, I have made some changes.  Lets start with my body and health.    I have started a weight loss/exercise program.   My dear husband has decided to take up the banner with me.   Together we will be walking and exercising together.   We also discussed cooking more scratch and less process foods.    Good talk, good walks.   Gotta love a man who want to get his act together too.  Bravo husband.     I have been purchasing vitamins and coordinating with my doctors on more preventative health issues.    Because most of my work is sitting down, whenever I am working on a project, I started wearing ankle/arm weights.  Taking breaks throughout the process, doing leg and arm lifts,  keeps me from getting stiff and tired.   I call it the sneaky way to exercise.  Whatever works. 

One of my most potent weapons is my faith and spiritual guidance.  I rise early to read my bible and spend time with the word of God.    This keeps me grounded, less stress and more centered. 

Next on the agenda, the outside looking in.


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