A Change in My life

I was speaking with a friend of mine and be both came to the same conclusion.  We both needed a change in our lives.   We seem to be at the same station, around the same age and agree about most things.    I suggested to her to get a notebook, one with 5 dividers.   Mark each one with an area of the her life that she wanted to change.  I have already started mine.   In each section, write down goals, what you want to accomplish and a plan to accomplish these goals.  I suggested that if she wanted to she could set time limits, but for me setting time limits feels like stumbling blocks,   It feels like I am setting myself up to fail before I get started.  That is a lot of pressure to put on yourself.  

Because we both work full-time jobs, I suggested  Fridays would be the day to access the notebook and what progress you’ve made.    Any adjustments will be made at that time.  I find I have more time to spare when it is close to weekend and I do not have to get up early for work.   I also suggest once a month revise, retool  and restructure any thing that might be working or not.     We seem to live up to a change when it’s on paper.

My areas are physical, emotional, employment, social, health, and spiritual.   There might be more areas I need to work on, but these areas are my main concern.    With her permission I will let you know what areas she is working on.   It is good that we are doing this together.   We are there to cheer each other on, and a quick pick up when one of us stumbles or falls.   It is good to have friends.

I have already started on my spiritual side.   I get up early and read my bible daily.   I pray before I go to sleep and when I wake up.   Feels good.    With that, day one comes to a close.


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2 responses to “A Change in My life

  1. What a wonderful idea! I’m definitely bookmarking this post! 🙂

    • I want to say happy belated birthday. I am still getting back into the groove. Last year was very hard for me and my family. I want to thank you and your daughter for your nice words during the passing of my granddaughter. I love a lot of your items. You should be either teaching or selling your wares.

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