I hear, but not respond.  What is the noise that is going on inside my head, park right by my ear.   Silence fills the void left by not engaging in the debate.   Am I being me or just someone who cannot let some things slide.  The minutes, seconds tick by and another comment so explosive it rocks the future walls of your brain.  Let it go and resume your stance.  It does not matter what you say, there will always be something to say about nothing to say.   Beside this is the same old conversation you had but in the different tone and different light.  Same day, same shit.   Your breathing  labored, can you make until the car stops.  You’re trapped with your own thoughts and discover that your thoughts are not your own.    Because you would be blowing this person down left and right.   Finally, the end is near.   You look at the corner of your eye and see not the person who you have known, but the person you just met.   Can you make until the sheep jump over the fence.    HELL No.  

You let loose a cannon ball of words that hurt, sting, and defend.   You can fill the air whistling all around you.   Your mouth and hands are working overtime to let loose a barrage of words meant to defend, sting and hurt.   It is so good to be me again.  Defender of the realm of friendship and what is right.    With my last parting words, I say.  SHUT THE *&*&&(*& UP.

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