Gangstga Lean – Part two

This is part two of the Gangsta Lean.   I have already posted about one and now I am going to post about what I consider is the true Gangsta Lean.  

You all have had them.  People in your life who  are always leaning on someone, even you.  Never standing on their own.    Some Gangsta are subtle about it, thinking that they are getting away with something. Others just wham bam, all up in your face.   Let me give you some examples of what I call Gangstga Leaners.  These are real people I have encountered.   If you meet or see any of these people run or run them over.   Most leaners do not change habits.  They start out as baby leaners and continue into adult hood, leaning.  They also have shoulder and neck problems as well.   All that leaning take a toll.

Case 1 – A co-worker of mine would go around to each person who smoked and collect a single cigarettes, until he had a full pack.   It took months for people to finally figure out what he was doing.  By the time they did, he had been ripping them off for 4 months.   I don’t smoke.  He never came my way.


Case 2 – My co-worker and I was employed in a call center.  We both worked the am shift.  I always stopped to get a daily paper.  My first break was at 10:30.  His break was at 10:15.  He would always stop by my desk and ask to see my paper.   This went on for 2 weeks.  One day I took my break early in the break room.  I told I needed to see my paper.   He stated  he was not finished and would give it to me when his break was over.  I told him he had a choice   He could end he break now or I could find something to break.  He never asked for my paper again.

I lived in a townhouse for a while and my next door neighbor had two children around the same age as my two children.  I usually kept a schedule, so lunch time was at 12:00, then nap time.  Since the two boys was always outside, I would invite them in to lunch.    At this time I would notice that the mother’s car would be missing.   This went on for weeks.   They had started coming to the house to use the bathroom, watch TV, get a drink of water,  and asked what I was cooking for dinner.     I asked the  boys, why they did not go home. They stated that their mother would lock the door. She was also running errands around the same time, without asking me to watch the kids.   One day I took her boys to her house and handed her a bill for baby sitting.   She was not pleased, but I did not care.  She started taking her kids with her.  

There are more instances of Gangsta Leans.   Some more ridiculous than mine.    If you have any instances of Gangsta Leaners, post a comment.    I will post them on my next post.   Maybe we can stop these Gangsta Leaners and put them on the right track.  A track of their own.


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