Gangsta Lean

In my day, they called it the Gangsta Lean.  Men riding around in their cars leaning to the side, trying to look fly or just trying to look over the dash, I could never figure out which one.   It was a popular style, which I see is use today.  You could lean-to the back and slouch or to the side, your choice.   Here is an important note.   You can only drive with one hand.   You can’t look cool with both hands at 10 and 2. 

As I was younger, I always assumed the lean was for avoiding detection.  Get it, “Gangsta Lean”.   Whatever the reason, young and old rode around, listening to tunes and showing off their rides.  Oh I forgot. Gangsta leaning was a seasonal occupation.   You can look fly in big coat, but I guess it is hard to lean and watch the icy or snowy conditions on the road.  It’s called Gangsta Lean, not Gangsta Flat.


Now as you see – most of my WordPress bloggers will understand I am getting close to my 200 word count.    My main purpose of writing this post was not about Gangsta Lean, but leaning of a different nature.   But the words just started flowing.  As any writer knows, go with the flow.   So I shall put that post on hold and end this one.  Word count 222.

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