I wish I had all day……

I have found that I love blogging about the things that interest me.  I have so many passion, it is hard to contain them all, but  I have narrowed them down to Jewelry, Music, Dancing, Crafts and Computer and living as frugally as possible.   I am keeping up with at least 7 blogs.   Each one for each of my passions and two my frugal living.  


As usual when I sign on, I will go through the same motions, one being checking my email.  I will discard whatever I do not want to read or just plain old spam, which my spam meter has overlooked.  Next I tackle any of my rewards programs and so on and so on.   Today was no different.   I happen to find some other blogs, that I will be following and looking for more like-minded individuals and their ideas.   Now here is my point. 

Now don’t get mad, but I don’t always comment or FB Like a post of the blogger that I am following.  I read every single post.  I respect each an every post, because as a fellow blogger, this takes work and time.   


Beside my own blogs, making jewelry, cards, reading emails, checking out other emails, Oh by the way, did I mention that I clip coupons(not extreme, just trying to save a buck).  That is a job in itself.    I still have mention, cleaning, taking care of family, sleeping and just general living.

I like reading the info.    For me, it take less time for me to read.  I just don’t always comment.  Sometimes, I will comment and sometimes,I will just like.  It depends on the content. It depends on a lot of things.  I just love reading thoughts, ideas, transformations, patterns of the human mind and experience.  So don’t get mad.  I am still out there, cheering you on, reading your post and enjoying the moment.



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