Begging, Beggars Pizza

Within the chicago and surrounding suburbs, lies the one of the best pizzas around.   If I want something satisfying, a taste that is out of this world,  I will order a Beggars’s Pizza.  I would order this pizza at least times a month if not more.   While visiting,  my son and I decided to a and have a slice.  We both order a slice of deep dish.   My son ordered a second slice, but it was thin crust.  I will have to talk to him about upholding the family tradition of ordering thick crust.  Ah the memories.  The crust is awesome and yellow.  I don’t know what they put in the dough to turn it yellow, but it is good to me.  Layers of meat, cheese and sauce.  I believe the crust and the right sauce is what makes a great pizza.

First you start with a super deep crust.  It has to be a strong crust, with good self-esteem.  No wimpy crust for my taste.   This crust commands attention.

Next come the sauce.  They spread all over the crust.  Just the right amounts herbs and spices to give that kick.

Next come a full layer or mozzarella cheese.  It is spread so thick, it almost close to a half an inch.   Is your mouth-watering yet.  I know mine is.

Last but not least, is the meat sauce which is just the sauce mixed with the meat.  That is spread over the entire pizza.

And there you have it.  Beggar’s Pizza.   They have other food on the menu, at least I think so.  I have never ordered anything else but the deep dish is a family tradition.  Look at the picture below.  







I love the decor.   You can see my son in the corner of the pic.






If you ever get a chance to visit Chicago, please check  Beggar’s Pizza out this wonderful pizza place.  You won’t be sorry.

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