Home Cooking

I am a very fortunate woman.  I love to eat, but I hate to cook.   Iam blessed to have two of the best cooks in the world, in my life.  My son and my husband.  Though my son cooking talents came out late, it does not take away from his skills.   He has a notebook of recipes that he has tried and will try.   I do not foresee a future in cooking or chefing(I just made a new word), but he makes a mean casserole.  His true passion is art.  I will displaying those talents at another time.  Time to talk about food.

The talents of my husband is not to be outdone.  I thought I was only getting a cute bald man, who looked good in his jeans.  Little did I know, my stomach and my ever-expanding waistline were in for a rare treat.  I will post  his credentials and picture later (I don’t want women to get jealous).

I learned of my husband’s cooking career over several dates, meeting and get together.  A man who likes to cook,  I was in heaven, and so was my children.  One of his first dishes was a rolled stuffed pork loin.  It caused quite a stir.   The stir was I did not get a piece.  My son happened to hide the remaining roll and ate it by himself.   Let’s just say, he is not left alone with food anymore.

Throughout all the meals that he had cooked, what has really impressed me was several things.  His ability to from freezer to table in under one hour.  He can make a meal out of air, thoughts and dreams.  It amazes me that he can take a few ingredients and some meat and your plate looks like it has a mountain of food on it.  He has fed over 10 people in one sitting, with one pot,  and everyone is satisfied.

He has never burnt a meal.   The plate’s are decorated as well, colorful, delicious and perfection. He even fixes my mistakes(I do cook on occasion, ok let’s be truthful, I cook about 4 times a year).

He is truly a culinary artist.  His calling card is a delicious and satisfy meal.  He wears a proud grin when he sees his family finish their food.  Excuse me now, he is heading toward the kitchen.  I gotta go.

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