Add a little sugar

I have some more posting to do, I but I have been holding on to this one for a while.   Her name is Joyce.  She can cook.  I usually buy her pound cakes.  They are big, tasty and satisfying.   My husband who is a trained chef, always wants me to buy a cake a week.   That is how much he adores her cakes.   I had planned on doing a full spread on Ms. Joyce, but we have never got around to it.   So I am going to put it out there.   Now I have permission to use her picture and name, I have not gotten permission to give out her phone.   I will be back with that one once I get the ok. 

I like this lady.  I believe she is very shy and she happens to be one of the nicest people I have met.   We both work at the same school and you should taste her bar-b-que sauce and her ribs.  Oh my God, what a tasty threat.  Ok, I got sidetracked for a while, but seriously, she can burn.   I want her to shine and want the world to know how wonderful her cakes are.   So without further ado, here is Ms. Joyce and her soon to be world-famous pound cake.  Please excuse the  missing piece.  My husband was chomping at the bit.


She is a very nice lady.  I like the color blue on here as well






Now for the Masterpiece.







As you can see a sizeable chunk is missing.  Some people have no consideration.   Truth, this cake only lasted two days.   When it’s good, its good.


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