Home Again

I finally made it.  Barrels, suitcase, tent, jewelry, shoes, clothes and other items.  I made it back home.  I am staying with my son for a couple of weeks, visiting family and hopefully some friends.   Talking with my son about his apartment is not the same as seeing.   I did not know he lived so far off the beaten path.   It is a mixed neighborhood.  Way up North and to the West, plus 3 flights of stairs.  A one bedroom with plenty of room for him and his visiting mama.  I am so proud.  My son has moved on his own. managed to obtain a good job which uses his skills to the utmost.  Because he is now a city dweller, he has learned to move around the city, using his bus and train pass and his brilliant mind.  He truly amazes me.   I thought I was the one who knew the city like the back of their hand.  I was taught by the best, my mother.  Now I am following his lead.   Thank you son for teaching your mother some new tricks.


Last but not least is my daughter, who has been a city dweller, but now is living on her own with my grandson.  She has prospered as well.  Taking the bus, getting around, finding employment, learning the city, especially the northwest side.  Dealing with all the city has to offer and giving it right back.  I am equally proud of her as well. 


It is good to know that some of what you do as parents rubs off.  You want the best for your children, to spare them hurt and to help them on their way to whatever they choose to be.   The points at which my children are at is 25% me and 75% them.   I am being real generous with myself.   If my children decide to let me keep the rating. I will continue to love them both.   If they give me a higher rating, I will start crying.  If they decide to lower the rating they will be crying.    My hat is off to the both of you.

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