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I am visiting my son, back to my roots.  I am so happy to say we have been eating out a lot.  My son is a good cook.   So today he decided to make one of his favorite dishes, Chicken Mushroom Ravioli.  It only him about 1/2 to make.  Simple and delicious.  Two chicken, cream of mushroom soup and stuffed mozzarella cheese ravioli.    He made enough to last for the next day.   The meal cost under $10.00.

1. Cook dice boneless chicken

2. Add 3 cans of cream of mushroom soup to the cooked chicken. 

3. Boil water for ravioli.  Add ravioli to boiling water

4. Cook ravioli until tender(5 minutes)

5.  Add cooked ravioli to chicken and soup.

6. Dinner is served.

Feeds 4 people.   You can also add a garden salad and bread sticks.   A meal fit for a king and his queen mother.   Tasty.

Check out my other blog ILOVETOCREATE for other adventures back home in Chi-Town.

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