Life’s New Beginnning

As I contemplate my life and how it is going so far, I know, I still need a lot of work.   My rage at myself is that it has taken me so long to figure things out.  I am 52 going on 16.   I wish I could be like Benjamin Button and age backward.  I might have more fun, more wisdom an insight into life and my soul.   I still get mad.  I still want revenge.  Most of all I still want a certain amount of pain to be inflected on the person who had wronged me.   You see I still have some growing up to do.    But a change is coming.   I feel a change everyday.   God is now the center of my life.   I look to him for  answers to my problems.  I check to see if he has put a stamp of approval on what I say and do.  If I leave my destiny in the hands of man, I will be lost forever.   With God, I know that my boat will be steered in the right direction.  That is all. For now

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