Just don’t say ittttttttttt.

Here it is January 1, 2012.    The new year has begun.  Time to start fresh.   I have received numerous emails and calls about what will be my new years resolutions.   It has become automatic to make these declaration in the hopes that by the end of month you are still going strong, buckling down and keeping to that promise you made with yourself.   I think in the past years, I was good for about one month and the whole thing fell apart.  I intended to keep each and everyone, but life will get in the way of you living your life.   We all make the same ones over and over, Get healthy, lose weight, stop smoking.   There seem to be a select few who keep with up the resolutions and stick with it.  I wish I was one of them.  If I meet one of them I will bop them in the head.   How dare they make hard for the rest of us.  

I will last for about one month and it is back to the same old me.   I finally  figured out what my problem is.   I say out loud what I am going to do.   I write down my goals.     Now here comes the hard part.  Living up to the resolutions.    It is easy to say what you are going to do, but so very hard to put that plan in action. 

So now I  have already decided what  I am going to do with my life for 2012.  I will keep my resolutions to myself.  I will not speak or write what I intend to do.     I will keep it close to my heart and God.    Maybe it will last longer.  I certainly hope so.   

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