Blessings abound

I’m really blessed.  I have a job, food, electricity, cable and a cell phone.   Gas in my
car to get me back and forth.  I have internet, clothes,shoes, shampoo and
toothpaste.  I can let the sunlight in or turn the heat on.   I can reach in my
drawer to ward off another headache.  My appointment with my doctor later
on this month.  I might not have the riches some people have, but I not on the
streets.   I’m blessed.

You look closely at my life, you can see, the frayed ends, thrift shop clothes, giveaways,
borrows, free stuff, living from one paycheck to another.   Wishing for more,
hope for greatness and thanking my lucky stars for what I have.   With all my
blessings, I am still frustrated.  Still in desire of something more.  Ready to
quit, but have no legal reason to do so, just the feeling I should be doing
something else.  Yes I’m blessed and there is always that but……..   There are people who are homeless, jobless, with no viable means of support.   I don’t mean to leave my job just
to lay around.  I want the freedom to explore other areas in my life that
interest me.   I want to travel, see the world, build an empire, help family,
community and generations.   I see so many things to do, but is my job the reason
I am still seeing and not doing?

My body is tired. I’m overweight, most of the time I am not feeling the best.   I sit here now with a headache and my eyes hurt.   I don’t let pain stop me, but my plans are taking
so long to come to fruition.   There are only so many hours in a day and 8 of
them belong to my job.    Without that job, I can’t have the things mention in the
beginning of this post.   Sometimes I question “Do I really need a roof over my
head, gas, electric”.    The job is making it possible to me to write this blog.
No job, no internet, no electricity.

Truth be told, I just unhappy with my life and career.  I’m burnt out.   Burnt out.   Truth be told, the job I have is allowing me to write this blog.  No job, no electricity, no internet, computer.   It does have its perks.

“letting out another sign” Come Monday, I will put a smile on my face, watch the clock and wish, hope and yes pray for something to break,   The clock is ticking.  And yes, I still feel blessed.

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