Today is the first day of the rest of my life.   Familiar phrase that everyone uses, when someone wants to make a change in their life.    So here is my beginning.  I will use this blog as my jumping off point.   Right I am starting a reagamin of eating healthy, exercising more, adjusting my time and schedule and become closer to God, who supplies my every need.  Right now I have about 5 blogs that I write.  Each one represents a part of me and who I.    Here is a list and what they stand for.

Not Just Knee Deep – My most personal thoughts, ideas and the building block of me.  Sometimes you will read musing, stories, excerpts from other places, people and readings.  

My other WordPress blog is  ILOVETOCREATE.    This blog represents all my other creation, besides my jewelry and paper crafts.  I will be recycling, up cycling, repurpose, alter, change, create, transform, decorate, investigate to just about anything that crosses my mind.   I love making things with my hands.  On this blog will be my creative outlet.   This blog with also house my paper crafts, such as book marks, cards, tags.

Jets Jewelry is my most favorite blog.  It deals with my obsession concerning jewelry, beads, findings and all that inspires.  I have been making jewelry for at least 25 years now.   I still get excited when I see beads in a shop or see a finished product.   This blog will include shows, festivals, fairs, vendor shows as well as bead shows, I plan to have a mix of handmade and new pieces.  Stay tune

It’s A W.W.W. World Out There  is the blog devoted to my love of computer and all things dealing with technology.   It will house my basic computer class I teach during the fall and winter months.   You can sign up for the class if you live in the Waterloo and Cedar Falls area.   You will find info, tips, tricks, how-tos and general information about the It world, as I see it.

Jet Jewelry, Re  and Livin for the Weekend are my frugal and thrifty sites.  These are my soul mates.  The people on these sites know how to make a dollar holla.  It is about spending less, and enjoying life on what you have.  Tip on second-hand shopping to how to make your own soap.  The information is outstanding. Everyone is trying to deal with rising cost and crippling debt.  These sites will give you info to arm yourself and steps to make through the tough times.   I can always get feedback from these supporters.  I am among friends.

Last but not least is Essence, Jets Jewelry .  I have a subscription to Essence.   This blog I don’t get to very often.  But that is about to change.  I am a fashionista.  a budget minded, frugal, thrift shop wearing fashionista, but a fashionista no less.   It is here where I will talk about being a proud, natural hair wearing sista, a women of color.

There you have it.  All my passion, all written for the world to see and read.    In the very near future, I will adding video to my growing array of services.  This is going to be hard for me.  I am very camera-shy.  But a girl, go to do what a girl has to do.   All of these blogs are connected to what I am doing, about to do and will be doing.  Stay tune.  We are going for the a roller coaster ride.

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