It’s a New Thang

I first started blogging about a year ago.  I felt I had something to say and wanted to share my thoughts with others.  I looked at different blog sites and landed on Google.  It was free and I like to the way I was able to embellish my site.  Since my first post, I have become a blog woman.  I ended up with at least 8 different blogs. I went blog crazy.  I would look up a site and they offered a blog and off I went.   I have since regained my senses (at least that is what my doctor says) and I am now down to 4.  I thought I could write a blog for all my interest.  I have spent more time writing the blogs about the activities than doing the activities.  I sometimes find it hard to keep up with the ones that I have left.    With all the thoughts running through my head you would think, I would be posting twice a week.   I might post about once a month and that depends on 3 things.

  1. Do I want to wait for my ten year old computer to warm up?
  1. I cannot seem to write down my post and then type them in.   So a lot of my ideas go by the way side, because I might be at the computer.
  2. My eyes and head sometimes keep me from dealing with my blogging or any computer work.  There are days when everything is so blurry and the daily  headaches(some are mild and some are really intense)


I like the idea of writing down my thoughts.  I think blogging as way to communicate my thoughts, wishes and desires.   Most of the time I am by myself, all alone.  The people I can talk with only want to hear themselves talk about themselves.  Any news from me has to be contained within 15 minutes.  That is the time I am allotted.  My best friend lives in another state and we are finding it difficult together to spend a couple of days.  Money is the issue with me.  She does not have a healthily wallet either.   So I spend my days, writing, answering email, downloading and uploading.  It is funny I have so many friends on Facebook, Twitter.  One would think I would be bombarded with communication.  I am.  Just sometimes I want a face to face communication.  No screen, keyboard, or modem.  Just a hello and a smile.

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