A Change Is Coming

We have all talked about it, a change in your life, a new beginning.   I wonder how many of us really succeed.  I talk about changing my life all the time.  I make some strides, but I seem to get complacent about my situation.  I seem to fall into this false sense of security about my life.  I will get angry about something, and I am off to the races, things are going to change.   I talk a good game, but I seem to fall short of my ideal.  Let me back track.  Not fall short.  I have made some great strides.   I am now teaching a free basic computer class.  I called and they accepted.   I have decided not shut down when I am angry and try to remain calm.  I gotten back into reading my bible and understand my purpose, or what God has in store for me.   God is also helping me with my anger and shutting down.  I have made contact with several businesses to set up shop and use any given space as a work studio.  I put in for a new position, and filling out applications weekly.  My natural instinct is to run away, when things are going haywire for me.   My natural, is not one of patience.  I have determination, but no patience.  I expect to see result, the next day, if not that very day/hour. 

So why am I still unhappy with my life?  I am lonely, not happy and tire. My impatience will not let me see my life for what it could be or what it is.   My thoughts and visions of my business, my family, friends, and acquaintances.  My vision is of a life so filled with joy and happiness, and blessing, I can’t handle the overflow.  Going on weekend trip, late night meetings, deadlines, family dinners and parties, and so much more.  I see all that in my head.   I just need to make it concrete.    I guess I will work on my patience, God will work on me and I will take another step toward changing my life.   Who knows, I might end up succeeding.

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