My Pet Peeves


I am sure I am not the first and I will not be the last.   Let me start from the beginning.  I was at Walgreens, picking up some items, ready to check out.  In front of me stood two young teens and what looked like their grandmother.  All three were standing in line but were some distance away from each other, taking up a lot of space.   The teen closest to me was looking at some candy on another counter.   I asked the teen were they in line and she said yes, and continue to look at the candy.  Once the women at the cash register finished her transaction, the three of them left the store, with the teens not making a purchase.  I wanted to club all three of them.  First the grandmother for not making them move and for the teens not moving out the way if they were not purchasing merchandise.  Ok now I have the beginning, now lets get down to the list.  Some these you will agree with and some you won’t.  But if you have a list of your own, then you will certainly understand.

#10 – Why do people stand in line, taking up space, when they know they don’t have any money to buy anything?  This scenario is usually set with a parent and child or children.  Grown folks know how to get out the way.  I could be putting my items on the conveyor belt and getting out of the store before the cows come home.  Wake up people.

#9 – You are standing in line at either, McDonalds, Wendy or Burge King.  You are at the back of the line which is five or six deep.  The person in front of you finally get to order and they start saying HMMMMMMM, not what shall I have?  They start to look the menu over.  Are you kidding me?  You wait till now to make a decision.  Plus, it’s not like the menu changes everyday.  Hamburger, fries and a coke, pick one.

#8 – You are at the grocery store.  The person in front of you has written a check for their items, but they waited until they got to the cashier to pull out their wallets, and then start writing the checks. &^^^)&&*^%&^%^%%&

#7 – You call on the phone for some tech support.   You are asked to enter your pertinent information, so that your records can be located quickly.  Once you have reached a live person, you are then asked to repeat the same information all over again.  WHYYYYYYYYYYYY>

#6 – At the movies, you are now charged extra for cheese if you order nachos.  I thought that was what nachos was, chips and cheese.  Without the cheese, wouldn’t you just ask for chips?

#5 – Why do people feel at some office gathering or party that they can serve themselves and you with their hands?

#4 – Why do people park so close you to and then get mad, because you are extra careful trying to get out of your car and scratch theirs?

#3 – Why do people, when you are eating something, make a very rude comment about the food that you are eating and how nasty it is to them?  Maybe that is why I am eating it and not them.

#2 – Neighbors or relatives who are constantly borrowing something, anything, Have they ever heard of God Bless the Child that Got His Own.

 #1 – THE FINAL ONE.   Don’t you hate people who write down their pet peeves and let other people read them?  Who do they think they are?

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