It has been a while……

It has been a while.    My last post was in January 2010.   I have so many things that I want to say and sometimes, turning my old age computer on is very frustrating.    By the time I get home from work, relax for at least 15 minutes and take care of the daily chores, it time to go to bed.    At this moment in my life, I am trying to:

1. Running a small home business

2. Develop a website to keep the business going

3. Write in 4 other blogs (another hopeful stream of income)

4. Teach a basic skills computer class at my job

5. Make jewelry/greeting cards/, poster/wall decor

6. Develop another class helping young girls repurpose their personal accessories to save money

This, on top of my personal life.  That is another blog for another time.    Today I hopefully start a new chapter.  I think I can get my posting to twice a month, at least for my personal blog.  I found this little recorder so I can record my thoughts for the day and pick one for my posting.    And guess what, this is not the topic I originally wanted to write about.   I  guess I can go with the flow.  I sometimes feel so overwhelmed that I think I might go crazy, but I would not have it any other way.   I cannot stand to stand around.  I like to keep busy.   I feel more productive that way.  When I am watching TV, I am always doing something productive, if not for myself, then for advancing my business.   Relaxation comes when I am not feeling well or when my eyes are bothering me, coupled with these monstrous headaches.    My headaches come daily.  I am able to deal with them most days.    But sometimes………  With all this shaking going on, you would think, I would be wheeling and dealing. I seem to running in place.   My heart racing, sweating and going not where fast.    All of my shaking has not produced a thing, not even five pounds of weight loss.   But I am not throwing in the towel.    Maybe this is the start – again – that I need.  A more determined effort.    Maybe lighten the load a little bit.    Maybe a more organized method to my madness.   I have not burned the midnight oil, in a while.    It has been a while for a lot of things.

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