Angels In My Life

Looking back over your life, you seem to focus on the bad more than the good.  That has been my problem of late.  All I can see is what is going wrong instead of what is going right.  I wake up most mornings, angry.   I seem to lose site of the good in my life.   With the world the way it is(Haiti), how can I complain about anything wrong,   But I am human.  If it was that easy to forget about your problems, everyone would be doing it.  I woke up this am, not having a full nights sleep, angry and tired.   My morning routine is to make breakfast and the coffee in the morning.   While busying myself, I note a application form I had picked at Jo-Ann Fabrics over the week.  It was a contest to tell about your most memorable creative experience. I sat there drinking my coffee and read the rules to enter this contest.  A peace and calm came over me.   In the recesses of my mind, I thought a women who taught me how knit and crochet, but also taught me about life.   She took the time with me.  Back then I was an angry child(see the pattern) and she took me under her wing.  Her name was Ms. Hatter.   Ms. Hatter and a few of friends would get together to sew, knit, crochet and have tea.   I would sit there and soak it all in.   No matter the time of day or how often, she would always have time for me.  She was an angel.    I have had a lot of angels in my life.  Some have taken me as far as they could, while others have taken to the next angel.  No matter the length of time, these angel have been there every step of the way.   Here is my list:

1. Ms. Hatter – of course

2. Cheryl Christen  – High school.  Just started talking to me and we became fast friends.  Rescued me from high school

3.  Ickabob – A friend of my brother’s.  Took me to school everyday for the remainder of the school year after we moved.

4.MaryAnn Davies. – My best friend in the whole wide world.   A fifteen year separation, and our friendship is as strong as it ever was

5. Essie – I started selling my jewelry out of the trunk of my car.  She was selling tapes and jewelry too.  One day we lost our spot.  Out of the blue, she asked me did I want to go with her to make some money(selling merchandise).  Without hesitation, I said yes.   That day, I make over $200.00 and sold out of my earrings.  We had never spoken until then.  We continue to sell together for the 8 years.

6. Henry – I met Henry the same way I met Essie.  I lost my transportation and had to return to my very first spot.   Standing in the sun and on my feet, this kind man offered to let me sit in van.   Another selling partner. I would catch the bus, and Henry would help me out.  I miss him.  After I moved back to suburbs, he suffered a heart attack, and was hit by a car.  He died two years later from complication of diabetics and a stroke.   His wife called me to let me know he had passed.  I just could not go the funeral.  Too hard for me. 

There are some honorable mentions, but I think you get the picture.  I would be here all day, writing about these angels who  have stepped in my life for whatever reason and lifted my soul to new heights.  I hope that I can be half as good to someone else as they were to me.   My angels.   Heavenly father, thank you so much.

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