Every Single Day

I just finished reading an article in Time Magazine about Twitter. I am a twitter. Not an everyday twitter, but I twit. At first I had signed up and did not use the service. I had thought dropping the Twitter. I just kept putting it off. I am glad I didn’t. The article, impressive at it was did not completely sway me to write this about Twitter. Twitter is just a part of my arsenal in the line of communication which has become shorter and shorter. When I was younger, I use spend a lot to time on the phone with friends. As I have gotten older, my patience to sit on the phone has become non-existence. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy talking with my family and friends, but I spend that time doing other things while I am on the phone. Some would say that is rude. I call it multitasking (even while I was on just the phone, I was still doing something). Here is the low down. I am not an everyday person.  You don’t have to call me everyday; don’t come by everyday (unless you happen to live in said house).   I’m happy seeing a person at least once a week or maybe every 2 weeks.  I am by nature a loner.   I seek company when I want it. Sometimes I have been turned away and other times I have  accepted.  Let’s take my life apart or break it down.  Between work, family, friends, household, shopping, cooking, traveling time, praying time (that is a must) sleeping personal grooming, I think you get the picture.  Now I spilled over into another day. Believe me something is not getting done or done well.   Plus, a condition with my eyes and daily headaches (some mild, some intense). Things take a lot longer for me to do, than they did in the good old days. That is why I like Twitter so much.  I can send a 140 character message to all my family and friends and let them know how my day went and vice-versa.  I wish I could afford to Twit and send text messages from my phone. What a life saver that would be.  Right now I have will be satisfied,  with Twitter via my computer. It gives me so much freedom. Who knew I could gain my independence at 140 characters at a time.

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