Piece/Peace of Mind

All I want is a peace of mind. I will take a small piece of mind to have peace of mind. The storm that is raging in my head, has me swaying back and forth( Good thing I am not sea sick). What would it take to get one whole day without the phone ringing, problems, people shouting, someone calling my name(I have tried verbal and written threats).    There is a saying  ,” A Mind is a terrible thing to waste. ” The might not be so bad right now . The untouched piece of my mind is small.   Where no one can go, sometimes not even me.   But it’s getting smaller and smaller  . Along with my patience.   All I want is TO BE.   Not to think about anything important or trivial. Just peace.  Am I am greedy.   I don’t want a second or minute or hour.   I want a whole day(6am to 6 am).   It is getting hard to string my peaceful moments together. Maybe a minute here, a second there. I don’t think I can feel a 30 second commercial spot. I try to fight the power, but it seems to take me down, each and every time. Maybe I should put office hours on myforehead.  Open from 9-5, no weekends.   Emergencies will be handled by my answering service, my heart.   You see what I did not realize, is that to have true peace of mind, you must have a heart. This is where Jesus lives, at for me that is.   And through him, he will give me the peace of mind, I so long for.   No longer will a piece my of mind long for peace of mind.  It will just be. Thank you Jesus.

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