Holy Hell

I was sitting here one, day listening to someone complaining and whining about how life was so unfair. Oops, my bad, it was me.   Lord knows I have whined. Sometimes my head and jaw hurt from whining (stop laughing).  I started thinking about some people who are going through “Holy Hell”. You might not be familiar with this term. Bottom line, it means things are going bad, very bad for the person or persons. But doesn’t the word Holy Hell sound strange. I kept thinking how hell could be Holy. I know that the hell that I have gone through would not and could not be considered “holy”. But then I took another look at the words “Holy Hell”. Without stepping on someone toes, here is what I think it is. You can apply your own interpretation, as I am sure you will.

We have to have (Holy) hell. What other hell can it be?  Medium hell, gold-plated hell, 3G hell.   If you believe in GOD, then all your hell will be holy. Why wouldn’t you want any other kind?   The bible says “Give thanks in ALL things” not just for the good , but for the bad as well. He did not promise up a free ride through life. But he did promise that he will be there to help, comfort, guide, love, pick up us, he will even carry you when you cannot go on. He will walk through that hell with you.  Where else can you find such a promise? And isn’t it better to have “Holy Hell” than any old hell. At least with “Holy Hell” I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I think they call the light JESUS. Now I am not asking for more hell in my life. I think I got enough.   But if it has to come, I know GOD will be by my side.

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  1. It is finally coming together

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