This past Sunday, on the way home from Church, we were talking about how things have changed and that the youth of yesterday is far different from the youth of today.   How we need to pray not only for each other but for generations yet to come.  A statement was made that people still believed more in God and his word.  Here is where my story takes off.  I made the mistake to say something very stupid.   I said that we had more of God’s showing back in the day, burning bushes, angels appearing, Jesus birth to a virgin, parting of the Red Sea, you get the idea.  The only reason I writing this is because my foot is still in my mouth(good thing I don’t type with my lips).  God shows out all the time.  The sun, the moon, stars, rain, life itself. Have you ever taken the time to look at a flower, any flower. The beautiful colors, the millions of different varities.  And each one has a name. The human body is awesome in what it can do.   I could just go on and on. What a show.  I awake each morning with renewed strength, love and encouragement, because God has deemed it so.  This is not a show I had to pay money to see.  It comes into my life every single day.  How could I have been so stupid. The greatest show,from God.  Well I have taken my foot out of my mouth(I need a pedicure).  There is a new movie starting on HBO.  I have to get some popcorn ready.  It”s only a two hour movie.  I am so blessed that God’s show last a life time.

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