The Gray In My Life

This morning as I was putting my scarf around my head( I now have braids in my hair and they will stay there forever) and  I notice a few gray hairs in the front of my hair.   Since I keep my hair in braids, I still look like I still have black hair.  What shocked me was the amount of gray. I am still a young 48, still cute.  Just last year I had only 3 lonely strands.  I guess they got lonely and invited some of their friends over.  Now I need to check and see if gray is creeping in other not so obvious places.  

I think I am going to color my hair(at least when I take it down for the summer).   But I have notice that my life has taken on by a gray attitude.   In my 20’s it was all or nothing.  Black and White.  Either or.  My 30’s seem to bring about some change in attitude, but I was hard pressed to be moved on a subject, I thought was right or wrong.  There was no gray area.  Either you were guilty or innocent.  Now in my late-good looking  forties, my vision is now clouded with gray.   And because of the gray, I see a rainbow of possibilities.   We are all saints and sinners.  There is no right way or wrong way.   Just way.  No longer can I make judgements on people and not see the whole picture.   I now more empathy in my life.  I may not have walked in your shoes, but I have a pair of my own. And they hurt and look good at the same time

So now comes the most important decision I will ever have to make.   Dark Brown or Auburn.  Or maybe I just might leave the gray in.  If this new gray can work in my life, maybe my hair can make the same adjustment too.


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2 responses to “The Gray In My Life

  1. Lettie Vu

    I really hate gray hair, there is no way we can totally avoid gray hair but Biotin helps in delaying the appearance of more gray hair. `*;”*

    Yours trully

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